What are demountable walls? 

Demountable walls, also known as modular walls, are a versatile and efficient solution for dividing interior spaces. These walls are designed to be easily installed, reconfigured, and removed as needed, making them an excellent option for businesses and organizations that require flexibility and adaptability in their workspace. 

How do demountable walls differ from traditional drywall construction?

One of the key benefits of demountable walls is their clean installation process. Unlike traditional drywall construction, demountable walls generate minimal dust and debris during installation, reducing disruption in an office environment. This means that businesses can continue to operate as normal while the walls are being installed, minimizing any potential downtime.

How quickly can demountable walls be sourced?

With 100s of offices in stock, demountable walls can be quickly and easily sourced, eliminating the long lead times associated with traditional construction materials. This can be particularly useful for businesses that require a fast turnaround or are operating on a tight schedule. 

What is the installation process like for demountable walls?

Demountable walls offer a streamlined installation process with only 1 trade required. This means fewer people on site, reducing disruption to business operations and minimizing any potential safety concerns. The simplified installation process also means that demountable walls can be installed quickly and efficiently, with less downtime and disruption for businesses. 

Are demountable walls customizable?

Yes, demountable walls are incredibly flexible and adjustable, making them a perfect fit for any existing environment. These walls can be easily customized to meet the specific needs of a business or organization, with various options available for materials, finishes, and configurations. 

What types of Demountable Walls does AJS Walls have?

AJS Demountable Walls offers 2 distinct series:

1.Freedom Series

  • Available in 6mm thickness, these walls seamlessly integrate into spaces, enhancing aesthetics and functionality. Choose from aluminum or PVC profiles, further personalized with powder coating in various colours to match your business brand
  • The series presents solid and glazed partition options, glazing from single to double-paned, and diverse panel finishes. 
  • Customizable doors include types, panels, frames, and hardware. 
  • Create tailored demountable walls reflecting your unique preferences and project needs with material choices, finish options, and customizable elements. 

2. Horizon Series

  • Boasting a thickness of 10mm, they provide a robust and sophisticated solution, perfect for spaces requiring privacy and durability. 
  • Offers a sleek, modern appearance with its seamless single-paned glass design. 
  • Choose from a range of swing and sliding door options to complement your space seamlessly. 

Which Series is right for your space?

As you explore the myriad of possibilities offered by AJS Demountable Walls, consider your vision for the space. Are you drawn to the boundless flexibility of the Freedom Series, where every element can be tailored to your desires?

Or does the modern elegance of the Horizon Series resonate with your aesthetic preferences? The decision lies in understanding your unique requirements and aspirations for the space you wish to create, and we can help! 

What do you mean by site-adjustable? 

At AJS Demountable Walls, we excel in providing solutions that seamlessly fit your space, addressing on-site constraints that often delay installations. Unlike our competitors, we prioritize efficient installation processes, minimizing delays and lead times. 

Why choose AJS Demountable Walls? 

AJS Demountable Walls offers a variety of advantages that make us the ideal choice for businesses and organizations across Western Canada. With our extensive inventory and site-adjustable systems, we can enhance any space. Additionally, we offer financing options that allow businesses to take advantage of a 100% tax write-off, making AJS Demountable Walls a cost-effective solution for enhancing their workspace. 

How is it a 100% Tax Write-Off? 

Our demountable wall system is considered furniture, making it fully deductible and you own the walls forever. We also offer financing options like regular office furniture, and yes, it’s also 100% tax-deductible! 

Do I need a permit?

No permit is required making the process quick, ensuring minimal disruption, smooth, and a dust-free installation

How are the acoustics?

Our single pane glass offers the same Sound Transmission Class (STC) level as traditional drywall with insulation, ensuring peace even in the busiest environments. But that’s not all! Opt for our double pane glass and soar above 50 STC, providing an unparalleled acoustic experience. 

How can I learn more about AJS Demountable Walls? 

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help transform your space with demountable walls. 

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