AJS Construction & Consulting

Your Partner in Achieving Organizational Goals

In today’s competitive business landscape, achieving key performance indicators and organizational objectives demands specialized expertise. At AJS Construction & Consulting, we serve as trusted consultants and partners, providing tailored solutions to meet unique construction needs. With a dedicated team boasting years of experience, we ensure top-quality project management and oversight, allowing clients to focus on core operations. Our commitment to clear communication and exceeding expectations has earned us a global reputation for excellence.

Commercial Offices with AJS Demountable Walls

Tailored approaches developed in close collaboration with clients to meet unique needs and requirements.

Seasoned team brings years of experience and knowledge, ensuring top-quality and efficient project execution.


Regular client engagement throughout the project lifecycle ensures alignment and goal achievement.


Offices established across Canada, Guyana, South America, and Houston, Texas, facilitated by strong international partnerships.


Committed to surpassing expectations through enhanced project planning, budgeting, decision-making, execution, and quality.

Why Partner with us?

Clients partnering with AJS Construction & Consulting benefit from streamlined project management and expert oversight, ensuring timely and budget-conscious completion. AJS assists in creating and reviewing RFPs to EOIs, aiding in contractor selection and minimizing errors. Leveraging strong international connections, AJS sources pipes and equipment directly from mills or factories, passing on cost savings. Additionally, their importing service facilitates the procurement of materials from global suppliers, expanding options and optimizing value.

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