Explore the Versatility of AJS Demountable Walls: Which Series is Right for You?


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In the dynamic world of modern architecture, the choice of demountable walls is pivotal. AJS Demountable Walls offers two exceptional series, each with unique features designed to cater to diverse needs and styles. As you embark on your journey to transform spaces, the question arises: Which series is the perfect fit for you?


Unveiling the Freedom Series: Tailored Flexibility at Its Best

Imagine a world where your workspace evolves with your needs, a realm where every element is crafted to your specifications. Welcome to the Freedom Series by AJS Demountable Walls. This series stands as a testament to versatility and customization:

Profiles: The Freedom Series boasts two robust profile options – Aluminum and PVC. These profiles not only ensure durability but can also be personalized with powder coating, enabling you to select from a spectrum of colors, including your brand’s signature hues.

Partition Types: Flexibility takes center stage with a variety of partition types. From Solid and Full Height Solid partitions to Glazed and Half Glazed designs, the Freedom Series offers a range of options, allowing you to create spaces that inspire.

Panel Finish Options: Your creative canvas extends to panel finishes. Choose from the warmth of Wood Grain, the sophistication of Matte, or the collaborative spirit of Whiteboard finishes. Each option caters to different atmospheres and functionalities.

Glazing Choices: Strike the perfect balance between openness and privacy with Single or Double Paned glazing. Tailor your space’s atmosphere by selecting the ideal glazing option, ensuring an environment that fosters both transparency and confidentiality.

Door Varieties: Doors play a vital role in defining accessibility and aesthetics. Whether you prefer Aluminum, Wood, or Glass, the Freedom Series offers diverse door options. Sliding glass doors add a touch of modern elegance, while Aluminum and Wood doors provide a classic appeal.

Door Hardware: Elevate functionality with an array of door hardware choices. From contemporary steel pulls to modern lever handles, customize your doors with hardware that not only serves its purpose but also enhances the overall design.

Embracing the Horizon Series: Modern Elegance Redefined

In the pursuit of sophistication and elegance, the Horizon Series emerges as a frontrunner. This series offers a seamless blend of aesthetic appeal and practicality, making it a preferred choice for those seeking modernity:

Seamless Glass Design: The Horizon Series captures the essence of openness with its seamless, 10mm thick single-paned glass panels. Embrace natural light and create a visually stunning backdrop for your space.

Sleek Aesthetics: Minimalism meets functionality in the Horizon Series. Its sleek design complements contemporary interiors, making it an ideal choice for corporate offices, showrooms, and modern retail spaces.

Door Options: Tailor your space’s accessibility with a choice between swing doors and space-saving sliding doors. Each option is meticulously designed to integrate seamlessly with the Horizon Series, ensuring effortless operation and a unified look.

Versatility at Its Core: The Horizon Series transcends limitations, finding its place in various settings. Whether you are designing a conference room, an executive office, or a collaborative workspace, the Horizon Series adds an element of sophistication and connectivity.

Harnessing Natural Light: The series is engineered to maximize natural light, promoting energy efficiency and enhancing the overall well-being of occupants. Experience the positive impact of sunlight as it illuminates your space, creating a vibrant and invigorating atmosphere.

Privacy Solutions: While transparency is a defining characteristic, the Horizon Series offers privacy options. Integrate frosted or opaque glass panels strategically to cater to confidential meetings and private discussions, ensuring a dynamic and adaptable environment.

Which Series Speaks to Your Vision?

As you explore the myriad of possibilities offered by AJS Demountable Walls, consider your vision for the space. Are you drawn to the boundless flexibility of the Freedom Series, where every element can be tailored to your desires? Or does the modern elegance of the Horizon Series resonate with your aesthetic preferences? The decision lies in understanding your unique requirements and aspirations for the space you wish to create. So, which series speaks to your vision? Which one will you choose to redefine your environment?

Discover Your Perfect Fit with AJS Demountable Walls: Where Customization Meets Innovation!
  • Freedom Series Customization: Customize profiles, partition types, panel finishes, glazing, and door hardware for tailored demountable walls.
  • Horizon Series Elegance: Experience modernity with seamless glass design, versatile door options, and efficient use of natural light.
  • Diverse Partition Choices: Select from Solid, Glazed, Full Height Solid, Half Glazed, and more, adapting spaces for varied needs.
  • Flexible Door Selection: Choose Aluminum, Wood, or Glass doors with a range of door hardware options, ensuring both functionality and style.
  • Privacy Solutions: Achieve a balance between transparency and confidentiality with options like frosted or opaque glass panels in both series.
  • Optimized Natural Light: Both series are designed to maximize natural light, enhancing energy efficiency and creating vibrant environments.
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